Patent published on August 24, 2023

New Patent Might Control Party Lights Better in the Future

The crux of patent US20230269853A1 titled "Allocating Control of a Lighting Device in an Entertainment Mode" by Signify Holding is to provide a solution for inconsistencies in the control of lighting settings that are directed by multiple controllers.

Imagine a social gathering, where every individual with a smartphone app tries to control the ambiance lighting to suit their mood. With multiple controllers, potential confusion could arise, leading to a degradation in user experience. This situation is similar to many cooks stirring one pot, resulting in a dish that does not taste as expected. Moreover, the inconsistencies could lead to repetition of messages and suboptimal use of network bandwidth.

The patent offers a solution to this problem by proposing a system that allows only one controller at a time to manage the settings, very much like taking turns to play a game. This system analyses the entertainment content and decides the most suitable controller to take command, thereby ensuring a consistent ambiance and removing the possibility of different light effects occurring simultaneously.

Let's step into a new and improved world that this patent paves the way for. Imagine the multiplicity of applications it could have. Consider house parties in the future, where no one fights over the lighting anymore. Or a grand concert where different stage managers attempt to control the lights, but instead of disrupting the performance with an inconsistent lighting experience, they seamlessly complement each other.

However, as one steps back to reality, it's crucial to acknowledge that this patent is just a beginning. It does not guarantee when, or if, it will make its way into the market. Nevertheless, it's an innovative leap that promises to make our entertainment experiences even more captivating and immersive with the right kind of light effects.

Figures (not visually provided) accompanying the patent, like block diagrams and flow diagrams, provide an intuitive understanding of how this system functions and how it can be implemented into our day-to-day experiences.

In conclusion, the patent US20230269853A1 by Signify Holding presents a solution weaving the threads of technology and entertainment into a single fabric that has the potential to provide a seamless and enhanced lighting experience. Yet, its journey from paper to reality remains under wraps for now.

P.S. This invention is currently only a patent and there is no certainty whether it will be brought to the market.

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