Patent published on November 16, 2023

New Patent Could Make Philips Hue Security System Your Neighbour's Watchdog

What's the security risk that gives you sleepless nights? An intruder in your house is a major concern for the majority of homeowners. A recently unveiled innovation, labeled as patent number US20230368627A1 and published by SIGNIFY HOLDING, aims to combat this very issue by bringing a whole new dynamic to home surveillance.

The truth of the matter is, home security systems can only do so much. They can certainly detect an intruder, but deciphering false alarms often becomes a tough job. What if the system is flagging the cat sauntering through your garden or the neighborhood kid's ball landing on your porch?

Enter the new patented system, which radically changes the approach. Instead of self-reliant surveillance systems onboard a single building, the new patent manipulates information from detection devices to locate the potential intruder. The system then uses this information to guide individuals in a nearby building to the point of entry this intruder might use.

The revolutionary aspect here is that the system alerts the neighbors and guides them to a bird's eye view for a better assessment. So imagine this: you get an alert on your Philips Hue security system not about an intruder in your house, but for your neighbor's house. You turn to the recommended window and see a dubious figure trying to enter your neighbor's house.

Once this technology seamlessly blends into our daily lives, neighborhoods could transform into vigilante communities, safeguarding each other against any untoward incidents. This patent is outstanding in solving a pressing problem, potentially making every neighborhood safer and more secure without investing in expensive camera systems.

In the future, you might come back home and your neighbor would greet you by saying, "Hey! Don't worry about the alarm. Your home security system lit up, but it was just a delivery from Amazon."

The simplicity of the solution is profoundly compelling, bringing a mix of innovation and communal responsibility to home safety. It's a classic case of using technology to empower people towards a safer community.

A word in advance though: this still is just a patent. While we've seen detailed plans, we can't be certain if this technological wonder will hit the markets or not. Far too often, we see brilliant ideas restricted to blueprint stages due to various business and market constraints. But we can still hope for this to roll out and redefine our safety standards.

P.S: While patent signals the potential for brilliant cutting-edge solutions, it's important to note that a patent doesn't necessarily mean the technology will be deployed in the markets. So while the technology's indeed impressive, whether we'd get to see it enhancing our everyday safety remains to be seen.

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