Patent published on November 9, 2023

New Patent Could Elevate Philips Hue Play's Immersive Lighting Experience

In the ever-evolving landscape of home lighting, Signify Holding has taken another giant leap forward with its newly published patent US20230360352A1. What promises to revolutionize how we indulge in our downtime could be as simple as a well-placed light strip and some clever programming. The issue at heart lies with your T.V., specifically, its distance from the wall.

Odd as it may seem, the placement of a television in relation to a wall has been a thorn in the side of immersion enthusiasts for years. You see, light strips placed around the television, such as the Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip, work to enhance the viewing experience by illuminating the surrounding wall with colors reflecting the image on screen. But herein lies the pitfall; this system doesn't consider the space between the T.V. and the wall, and in some cases, the distance between the light source and the wall isn't the same across the board. Ignoring this crucial detail can disrupt the sensory journey.

Cue Signify Holding's latest genius. By integrating a smart system that analyzes the image displayed on the television and measures the distance between its light source and the wall, it can accurately determine the most effective lighting effect. Picture this - an intense car chase hurtles across your television; before you realize it, fiery oranges and smoky blacks light up your wall, placing you smack in the middle of the high-speed action.

Now let's imagine a world where this problem doesn't exist; a world sparked into reality by this patent. Suddenly, your living room becomes the frontline of an action thriller, the deep forests of a fantasy saga, or a space station in the far reaches of the galaxy. All the while, you're comfortably settled on your couch. This is not just an enhancement of the viewing experience; it's a total game-changer.

To visualize this system's workings, imagine three scenarios represented by the given figures: a television close to the wall, slightly away from the wall, and quite some distance from the wall. Each situation has its unique light distribution, enhanced by the new technology. So, whether your T.V. is sneakily stored in an alcove or boldly boasts in the middle of your room, complete immersion is a guarantee.

P.S. - As thrilling as this seems, it's essential to remember that this is still a patent. That means there's no assurance if or when this innovation might hit the market. But just think about the gripping movie nights, engaging gaming sessions, and immersive concerts that this invention promises. Hopefully, Signify Holding turns this patent into a reality, forever changing how we experience entertainment at home.

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