Patent published on October 3, 2023

New Patent Could Let Sisense Translate Emotions from Text

In a world flooded with information, it can be hard to discern the emotions behind the words we read. A patent’s new solution endeavors to make it easier for us. Patent number US11775755B2, named "Processing and visualization of textual data based on syntactic dependency trees and sentiment scoring," chips away at this problem.

Up until now, making sense of emotions behind words in large textual data, like in newspaper articles, books or online feeds has been a Herculean task. Determining the sentiment of a word could be very tedious, especially with our language which allows multiple interpretations of a word, based on the context. For instance, the word "water" could mean two different things when combined with the adjective "refreshing" versus "scalding." Our current systems fail to accurately understand and convey the emotions behind words, potentially leading to misinterpretation and confusion.

Now, a solution is on the horizon. The patent holds promise with a system that not only identifies textual data from diverse sources but is also competent in parsing the data, making sense of it, and understanding the sentiment associated with specific words or phrases. The system achieves this by creating visuals from the data, allowing easier interpretation of the underlying emotions. Images often speak louder than words, and this system uses this principle to ensure a more accurate understanding of the sentiments hidden behind bundles of text.

Imagine the ways this could shape our world! For example, companies would use it to understand the sentiment behind various news articles, blogs, or online posts half the globe away. They could use this information to shape their public relations strategies, combatting any negative narratives and fostering the positive ones. People might even be able to use this system to gauge the overall sentiment of online reactions to a recent event or product release.

An application of this could be seen in Sisense's sentiment analyzer. For instance, three different promotional message pitches for a fictitious renewable energy company, "ExampleCorp," could be analyzed to find the words stirring positive sentiment and the ones to avoid. The pitches could then be adjusted and scored accordingly to evoke the desired emotional response from their audience.

Furthermore, the system could map the sentiment behind thousands of articles about a particular company, helping them understand public opinion and alter their strategies accordingly. It could even identify potentially harmful narratives from unreliable sources, helping to safeguard the public from disinformation.

P.S.: This patent is a glimpse into possible future technology. However, as with all patents, it is uncertain when or if this technology will make its way to the market. Until then, we can only imagine the potential impact this could have on our world. It's a classic tale of technology promising to bridge the gap between human emotion and the written word.

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