Patent published on October 24, 2023

Sitecore AI Might Make Online Experiences More Personal: Patent

In the high-tech digital world of today, there's a pressing problem that companies face: how to personalize their online content for every individual user. Websites, apps, and social media platforms are often the first point of contact for users, and companies need to tailor these digital experiences according to the individual tastes and preferences of each user.

However, content customization is not a piece of cake. It is mostly a manual process, run by large digital marketing teams, making it time-consuming and costly. To elucidate, it's like needing a different letter to each customer that walks into a post office - challenging and laborious. Fitting each digital experience to align with the tastes of every unique visitor has largely remained an uphill battle.

Enter Sitecore - a global giant in digital experience software - that has come up with an innovative solution to this problem, as per the Patent US11797598B2. They have devised a system that employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to make this content personalization mostly automated.

The patented system, in essence, is similar to a librarian who knows exactly which book to suggest to a reader based on their previous favorite reads. The system gathers content, categorizes it by similarity, measures their relationship with each other, and uses these metrics to choose the next piece of content that the user will see. This approach significantly quickens the pace of content selection and goes a long way in enhancing the personalized digital experience for the user.

Envision a world powered by Sitecore's patent. For instance, you're reading an article about houseplants on a gardening website. As you scroll to the bottom, instead of generic plant care tips, you receive suggestions specifically aligned with your interest, say, "Taking care of succulents," or "Best indoor plants for clean air". The personalization capabilities of Sitecore's system promise heightened customer satisfaction and a more engaging user experience, making online browsing more like one-on-one interaction.

The patent further outlines features like automatically personalizing experiences from existing content and layouts, providing analytical insights into visitor segments, and offering content templates, which could potentially revolutionize digital marketing across businesses and industries.

However, it's essential to keep in mind that this is a patent. The commercial availability of this technology might still be on the horizon. Just like any patented invention, we can't say for sure when, or indeed if, this system will be seen in everyday digital experiences. But one thing is certain - such innovative solutions open new avenues for enhancing personalization in the digital world, bringing us closer to a future where online platforms can serve as personalized companions to each user.

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