Patent published on July 13, 2023

Skillz Platform Revolutionizes Targeted Advertising in Gaming

Skillz Platform might be revolutionizing the way online gaming works by introducing targeted advertising based on user skill. With the help of their new patent, US20230222867A1, Skillz Platform could be taking user data from online games to create ads that are specifically tailored to each player's skill.

The idea of targeted advertising has been around for a while, but Skillz Platform's patent is taking it to a whole new level. By using data from the user and other players within the game, the patent helps to determine the best game to suggest and then provides information about the other players. This data is then used to create dynamic ads that are tailored to the player's skill level.

This revolutionary patent could be a game-changer for online gaming. For the first time, players will be able to get ads that are tailored to their skills. This could help them find games that they are more likely to win, as well as make gaming more enjoyable. Not only will this make gaming more fun, but it could also lead to an increase in players and revenue.

The patent also has potential applications outside of gaming. For example, it could be used to create personalized ads for other products and services. This could help companies target customers more effectively, and potentially lead to an increase in sales.

While the patent is an exciting development, there is no guarantee that this technology will make it to the market. The patent is still in the early stages, and it remains to be seen whether Skillz Platform will be able to bring the technology to the market.

In conclusion, Skillz Platform's patent, US20230222867A1, could be a revolutionary step forward in targeted advertising. It could lead to an increase in players, revenue, and sales for online gaming and other products and services. However, there is no guarantee that this patent will make it to the market. Only time will tell if Skillz Platform will be able to make this technology a reality.

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