Patent published on August 24, 2023

Snap's New Patent Might Turn Colors into Music

In an age where innovative technology is continuously pushing boundaries, Snap, the parent company of the popular app Snapchat, has generated a new solution to address the lack of interactivity in digital music creation. This invention, logged under the patent number US20230267900A1, under the title of "COMPUTER VISION AND MAPPING FOR AUDIO APPLICATIONS," uses computer vision and color patterns to generate distinct musical sounds.

In today's technology-infused world, traditional methods of creating music often seem unapproachable and complex to the ordinary person. Moreover, there's a widespread detachment in the realm of digital creation – a gap this patent is uniquely equipped to fill.

Snap's new system sets out to transform the way we engage with musical experiences by transcending the usual click-and-play model. It proposes an intriguing concept: the fusion of color recognition and music playback. Users can capture an image of a specific color map, with each color with representing a specific sound. Once acknowledged by the computer vision system inside your device, it translates these colors into a melodious composition. As seen in the accompanying figures, the eyewear device forms an essential part of the system, capturing the different colors via cameras on both sides.

Here's what is fascinating – this system is not simply a tool for easy music creation. It's an engaging way for people to interact with music, to color their sounds, quite literally. By changing the color pattern, it allows users to control and shape their auditory experience, making musical creation an accessible and fun activity.

Setting aside complex musical terms and techniques, imagine a world where every person with a smartphone or a wearable gadget is an impromptu musician. Every color around them, whether it's the vibrant green of plants, the azure blue of the sky, or even the shades of their own clothing, becomes a source for a unique soundscape. It's a more interactive and engaged way to experience the magic of music – potentially initiating a new direction in the fusion of art, technology, and creativity.

However, before we get overly excited, it is of paramount importance to note that this innovative concept is, for now, just a patent. There's no guarantee whether the market will see this product materialize or not. But if it does, remember to carry your symphony glasses and color your tunes!

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