Patent published on August 29, 2023

Snap's New Patent Could Make Spectacles Even More Magical

Snap, identified by its patent number US11740852B2, has recently developed an exciting addition to the Spectacles lineup. This invention, titled as "Eyewear including multi-user, shared interactive experiences," adds flavor to an already potent recipe.

Turning spectacles into a portal for virtual reality, the patent addresses a significant issue: our inability to share and explore digitally-created worlds together. Interaction in augmented reality (AR) has been limited primarily to independent experiences. It's like being in the same room but not having the ability to touch or change the same objects. Imagine being in an art gallery and not discussing a painting with a companion; that's how AR felt before.

This new patent from Snap aims to solve this problem by creating a realm where multiple users can interact with the same augmented reality objects through their spectacles. The magic happens when multiple users overlap that digitally-crafted item, leading to a shared immersive experience. Friends can now build a LEGO tower, furnish a dollhouse, or design a virtual garden together, even if they're miles apart.

The impact on our world will be vast, transcending physical borders and time zones. With this technology, a girl in New York can play chess in her living room with her friend from London. Teachers can explain complex concepts using 3D models visible to all students, making for a much more engaging and accessible learning experience.

Aiding to navigation, these glasses can overlay directions right onto the road, or help visualize how a piece of furniture would look in your living room before buying it. Figuratively, the spectacles take users by the hand and guide them through an intertwined spiral of reality and augmentation.

This patent, depicted through various figures in the documents, shows configurations promising a future where our tangible world and the digital one are no longer two separate entities but a merged experience.

However, while this patent paves the exciting potential for Spectacles, it is important to remember that not all patents see the light of day as a market product.

P.S. Remember, this is a patent, and a product featuring these capabilities might not be in stores anytime soon.

This is an ongoing story, and we at the New York Times will keep you updated as further information becomes available.

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