Patent published on September 28, 2023

Snap's New Patent Might Make Spectacles Safer in Risky Situations

Imagine being always on the lookout, sorting vital information from distractions, a dynamic guide navigating through life’s many hazards. Well, this could be our reality soon, as Snap Inc.'s recent patent, the Situational-Risk-Based AR Display (patent number US20230306690A1), promises to enhance personal safety while simplifying life.

Today, personal mobility systems like electric scooters are popular, but they’re hardly refined. They have minimal controls, lack proper performance feedback, and don’t possess an obstacle detection system. This scenario often leads to accidents and a less-than-optimal user experience.

Snap's new patent aims to counter these deficiencies. It’s essentially a wearable tool, perhaps similar to spectacles, that overlays additional visual information on your environment. This extra layer is designed cleverly to prioritize user safety, especially during high-risk activities like driving. When the system detects a risk, it can manipulate the additional visual content – move things out of your view, shrink them, or even make them disappear – all to ensure that your focus stays on your real-life surroundings.

Imagine driving your scooter in heavy traffic, the wearable AR device warning you about a pedestrian about to cross the street or a sudden change in the traffic signal - all the while providing a seamless driving experience by moderating what's shown to keep the distractions to a minimum. It can also add useful data like navigation signs or performance indicators right into your field of vision, alleviating the need for separate screens or devices.

This invention has the potential to transform our interaction with the physical environment. It holds a promise beyond driving, think walking into a new city with directional signs and interesting info popping up in your vision or receiving visual warnings while trying to cross a dangerous part of a construction site. Sounds revolutionary? It’s only the tip of the iceberg!

However, consider all these as possibilities. A patent is simply a statement of intent. It doesn’t signify that the invention will surely manifest in the market. After all, feasibility and technical challenges often decide the fate of patented ideas. So, will Snap Inc.'s patent cross that chasm and become a reality? Only time will tell.

P.S. As of now, we only have this patent US20230306690A1 as a glimpse into future technology by Snap. The implementation of this concept would depend on various other factors. Therefore, there's no certainty just yet if and when we will see this invention come to life.

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