Patent published on October 5, 2023

Snap's New Patent Might Make 'Spectacles' Respond to Voice Commands

In our increasingly tech-savvy world, Snap Inc., known for Snapchat and other multimedia ventures, brings forth an innovation that could reshape the way we interact with reality as we know it. The recent patent labeled US20230315383A1, appropriately titled 'Wearable Device AR Object Voice-Based Interaction,' tackles a struggle users have grappled with while using augmented reality, or AR, wearables — the tricky task of object placement.

Currently, those donning AR glasses have to use particular hand gestures or buttons on the AR wearable to place virtual objects in the real-world panorama. This interaction often proves to be inaccurate and can diminish the realism of the AR experience. Multiple attempts to place objects eat up valuable system resources and battery life, slowing down the AR device and consequently hampering user enjoyment.

Frequently, when users are aiming to place these virtual objects accurately, they hit tangible buttons. This, however, does not offer the system any guidance on the exact location or placement of these objects, which, much like the issue above, consumes system resources and negatively impacts the wearable's performance.

Snap Inc's new patent aims to alleviate these problems by relying on voice commands for the placement of virtual objects. This substantial shift from hand gestures to voice control allows a more seamless blend of virtually crafted objects with our physical world. Voice commands provide explicit instructions about where a user wants a virtual object to appear, and the system can place the object without any trial-and-error, minimizing the resources consumed and enhancing the overall AR experience.

If this patent is realized and applied to products like Snap's Spectacles, the world as we know it will be different. Think of everyday activities bolstered by AR and voice commands: your morning jog could be accompanied by your favorite virtual companions or exercise statistics floating next to you. Home renovation could be a breeze, with virtual furniture appearing at your command, allowing you to try out different configurations without breaking a sweat. A simple picnic could turn into an exciting treasure hunt, with digital clues and rewards hidden and revealed through your voice commands.

The list of possibilities is indeed endless, and only limited by our imagination.

P.S.: It's important to remember that this innovation, while potentially game-changing, is currently just a patent. There is no certainty that Snap will soon present a product to the market that incorporates these features. However, this invention does hint at the company's determination to revolutionize the wearable gadget panorama and our interaction with the digital world.

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