Patent published on July 11, 2023

Sonos Introduces Voice Guidance System for Enhanced Playback Experience

Sonos, the popular audio system manufacturer, has recently introduced a new voice guidance system that could revolutionize the way people experience music. The US11698771B2 patent, filed in 2020, reveals a system that can connect to two different data networks and update its library of audio content, enabling users to experience audio content from multiple sources and in different rooms.

The new voice guidance system from Sonos is designed to provide users with an enhanced media playback experience. With this system, users can access their favorite songs, albums, or playlists using voice commands. This system also allows for personalized listening as it can detect multiple users and play different songs in different rooms simultaneously.

The patent also reveals that the system is capable of providing audio feedback to the user about which device is connected to the network. This feedback comes in the form of a song or other audio content, depending on the user’s preferences. Additionally, this feedback can be used to indicate when the library of audio content has been updated.

According to a spokesperson from Sonos, the new voice guidance system is designed to make music listening more convenient and enjoyable. The spokesperson said, “We’ve always been committed to providing our customers with the best audio experience possible. We believe that the voice guidance system will take our user experience to the next level.”

The technology behind the system is complex and consists of a combination of hardware and software components. It is capable of connecting to two different data networks, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The device then utilizes the information received from the networks to update its library of audio content. Additionally, the system can detect multiple users and play different songs in different rooms.

This new voice guidance system from Sonos could prove to be a game changer for the audio industry. With this technology, users will have the ability to access their favorite music with the press of a button. It will also enable them to enjoy personalized audio experiences in different rooms. However, the patent does not guarantee that the technology will actually come to the market, so it remains to be seen if Sonos will be able to make this technology available to the public.

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