Patent published on August 3, 2017

Sony’s Gaming Chair may take VR gaming experience to a new level

Sony’s recent patent discloses a new gaming chair possibly focused for its latest PlayStation console PS-VR. Sony launched the PlayStation VR in October, last year and since then it has sold more than a million units.

Taking such a vast number of users in mind, Sony’s been working on multiple ways to make VR gaming experience better than ever. Last year Sony also filed patent for VR gaming pad and gloves to accurately measure the hand inputs of a user.

The latest patent reveals that the chair is primary focused on fixing certain VR issues.

Even though last year, the gaming industry hit $91 billion revenue with the new categories such as AR, VR, esports etc. There still has one big unsolved problem of cables that at times ruin complete gaming experience.

Tangled Cables and many a time length of a cable impede gaming experience. Though not able to move isn’t that a big issue as many of us prefers VR gaming while sitting. Hence, Sony decided to come with a gaming chair that can eliminate the cable management issue.

First, the freely rotatable chair will have inbuilt connection ports and sockets for both HDMI and USB connections.

Sony's gaming chair

The chair’s design and location of ports seems great from a gamer’s perspective. You can connect your VR headset with the port at headrest while the controllers can be connected to ports on the arms. A port is given at the bottom to connect the chair to wall socket.

Also, you can rotate and tilt the chair without any fear of wire getting tangle around your neck!

This is not the first time Sony has gone a little out of the box to improve their VR gaming platform. Just like I mentioned above, Sony is also working on gaming pads and bands to improve the accuracy of gestures, making Virtual Reality gaming a little less virtual.

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