Patent published on August 22, 2023

Sony's New Patent Could Make Gaming Controllers Understand Voice Commands

The world of video gaming is about to transform, thanks to a recent patent by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Detailed under patent number US11731044B2, Sony has laid out the blueprint for a revolutionary gaming controller - one that hears and understands your voice commands.

Globally, gamers struggle with the restricted dynamics of using buttons on a controller to play video games. Despite its popularity, the traditional controller design often leads to limited interaction and an experience that can be more frustrating than immersive, especially when playing complex games requiring quick reflexes and multiple commands.

Sony's newly patented technology aims to address that. The heart of this new design is a controller with the capability to listen to voice commands and relay them to your computer or gaming system. Alongside the traditional buttons and joysticks, it promises a more fluid, intuitive gaming experience by allowing your voice to control in-game actions.

With many of us familiar with the likes of Siri and Alexa, the concept of voice-controlled technology isn't new. But, Sony’s patent has the potential to fundamentally change the landscape of video gaming by bridging the gap between player and gameplay like never before.

Gaming, post the introduction of this technology, will no longer be confined only to your fingers. Imagine a future where your gaming avatar obeys your voice command, just as your smartphone does. You can command your virtual football team to change tactics, ask your character in an adventure game to use a specific tool, or just navigate through the game's menu with your voice.

Despite these thrilling prospects, it is crucial to remember, Sony's new patent is just that – a patent. As with any patent, the technology described may not ever actually make it to the market or might appear in an entirely different format. Nonetheless, the possibility of a future where we might converse with our controllers adds an exciting dimension to the future of gaming.

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