Patent published on July 13, 2023

Sony's Patent Revolutionizes Personalization of Game Characters with Facial Recognition

Do you want to change the way you play computer games? Sony Interactive Entertainment has a patent that could revolutionize the way players personalize their gaming experience with a real-time facial recognition feature.

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s patent, US20230219004A1, introduces a new technique to allow users to alter a computer game character on their display using a photo of themselves. This could be a great way to give the players more freedom to personalize their gaming experience, as the character in the game would look similar to them.

The patent’s technology allows users to scan a code with their camera, which then downloads a photo app to their device. This app sends the photo of the user to a server, which then alters the character’s face to look like the user’s. Once the character’s face is altered, a second code is presented which downloads a share app to the user’s device to send the altered character to another user’s device.

This new technology could be the key to making gaming socially interactive, as users would be able to play with characters that look like them and share them with their friends. It could also give players more control over customizing the look of the characters in the game and allowing them to create a unique gaming experience for themselves.

The patent also mentions that the technology could be used for other applications such as facial recognition for security purposes. For example, if a user wants to unlock their device with their face, the technology could be used to compare the user’s face to the one in the photo app and determine if it is a match.

The patent also suggests that the technology could be used for virtual reality applications. For example, the photo app could be used to scan a user’s face and generate an avatar that looks like the user. This avatar could then be used to navigate virtual reality applications and games.

In conclusion, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s patent US20230219004A1 introduces an intriguing technology that could revolutionize the way people personalize their computer game characters. Although this is just a patent and there is no guarantee that this technology will come to the market, it’s exciting to think about the possibilities that this new technology could bring. Only time will tell what the future holds for this patent and the applications it could have.

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