Patent published on November 9, 2023

Sony's New Patent Could Ease Photo Sorting in PlayMemories Online

Scrolling through an endless stream of photographs from events can be overwhelming and time-consuming, especially when searching for a specific snapshot. Sorting photos according to when they were taken or by the event is an accepted solution, but has its own set of problems. With the current system, finding a specific photo is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. Furthermore, the display of a large number of thumbnail images can render the task daunting as it becomes difficult to discern details. In addition, the sequence of images or the transition to different classifications can be confusing for the user, often causing frustration.

Sony Group has arrived with a patent (US20230359665A1) seeming a promising reprieve from this scenario. The patent revolves around an information processing device, method, and program that aim to reinvent the image browsing experience. Specifically designed for browsing images from an event, the patented technology brings forward a user-friendly and efficient method to sort and display pictures by their time of capture. This innovation goes a step further by displaying all pictures from a specific timeframe in one direction and differentiating different timeframes in another direction, therefore redefining the efficiency of browsing images.

Most of us have experienced the struggle of finding a particular photo from an event amid hundreds or thousands of images. This patent stands to revolutionize this process, making it easier and more intuitive to navigate large volumes of photographs. The software will also handle eye closure detection and some other information to make the browsing experience even more improved. According to the patent, the innovative sorting method may also take into account various factors such as face recognition, object recognition, tripod detection, exposure correction, and white balance, making it even more comprehensive.

Imagine attending a major concert and capturing hundreds of photographs. Afterward, seeking a particular picture would usually be an arduous task of scrolling and zooming. With Sony's patented system, the images would be automatically sorted not just by the time of capture, but also presented in a user-friendly format for easy location and viewing. The same process could apply to any big event, whether it's a wedding, sports event, or a large family gathering.

However, it's important to note that while this patent (US20230359665A1) promises substantial benefits, it's only a patent at this point. There's no guarantee it will appear in Sony's product lineup or come to market anytime soon. Patented technology often remains in the realm of planning and prototyping before seeing the light of day, if at all. Therefore, while this organization system could redefine photo sorting and browsing, it's still a concept waiting to materialize.

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