Patent published on September 26, 2023

Sony's Patent Could Make PlayStation Headsets Mimic Real-World Sound

What if the audio from your PlayStation could be custom-tailored, much like a perfectly fitted outfit, to suit your unique listening profile? Sony Interactive Entertainment might be well on the road to making this a reality. They have filed a patent under the number US11770669B2 that promises to revolutionize the world of gaming audio through a method that personalizes sound based on head measurements.

Imagine this: you are immersed in an intense dual on your PlayStation 5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset. But there's something missing. Despite the riveting graphics, the fight seems a touch too far, too detached. This is because, until now, creating an equivalent immersive audio experience has proven to be quite a challenge. The sounds created by in-game objects often fail to resonate with the location of these objects on the screen. This disconnect whittles down the realistic simulation that games strive to achieve.

Further complicating this issue is the fact that every individual hears sounds differently, thanks to the unique shape and size of their heads and ears. This effect is indeed so unique that replicating it has thus far required extensive and impractical testing.

Enter Sony's recent patent. It has found a way to neatly tuck these obstacles away. According to the patent, the user's headphones would play a sound in their ears, capturing how it changes as it bounces off the unique contours of the individual's head and ears. This data, combined with similar data from a host of other users, allows Sony to find the 'audio twin' of each user—an individual whose experience of sound closely mirrors theirs. The catch here? An immersive, personalized audio experience without any further testing.

Just imagine the possibilities. In your next gaming session, the possibilities for a truly immersive experience would be endless—every sound, be it the rustle of leaves or the soft bubbling of a stream, would seem to come from all around you, enveloping you in the game world in a way you've never experienced before. And that nerve-wracking boss battle? With sound effects as realistic as that, your adrenaline surge would hit the roof.

However, while all this sounds like a sonic dream, it's crucial to note that this is just a patent application by Sony Interactive Entertainment. There's no guarantee that this technology will make it to the market or into our PS5 consoles. But if it does, the world of gaming is poised for an incredibly impactful and immersive audio upgrade.

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