Patent published on November 23, 2023

Sony's New Patent Could Let PlayStation 5 Choose Games Based on Your Mood

Feeling spoilt for choice when it comes to video games? Ever found yourself lost amidst a pool of console games, unsure of what title your current mood aligns with? Sony Interactive Entertainment seems to have devised a clever solution for that very problem under their latest patent US20230372828A1, conveniently titled "PLAYER SELECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD." This patent aims to tackle a major issue avid gamers often face - the overwhelming choice of titles to play.

Whenever we sign into our PlayStation 5, the vast array of games at our fingertips can be daunting. From action and adventure to mystery and puzzle themes, the choices are seemingly endless. Besides, the numerous reviews and game trailers available often do little to help, especially when you own a library of several hundred games. Even when we do garner enough willpower to pick a game, deciding on who to challenge is another whole problem. Sure, matching skills is a common approach, but it's not always enough to guarantee a fun-filled gaming experience.

The innovative system outlined by Sony in their patent, promises to remove such obstacles. Functioning like a smart video game buddy, the system is designed to perceive your mood and accordingly recommends games that would suit your emotional state the best. In essence, if you are up for a challenge, it will suggest an exciting, high adrenaline game; feeling stressed? It might recommend a soothing puzzle or an easy-going adventure.

Imagine ending a taxing work-from-home day and your PlayStation senses your exhaustion. It suggests a light-hearted game that lifts your spirits and helps you decompress. On a weekend when you're revved up and need an outlet, it picks out an adventurous multiplayer game that helps channel your energy and connect with friends virtually. This personable system not only caters to individual user moods but also promises to revolutionize group gaming experiences.

As per the patent file, Sony's novel system plans to transform our gaming experience by predicting the emotional outcome from playing a particular game based on previous players' emotions. It aims to find clusters of players with similar emotional states and groups them within instances of the game accordingly. Thus, creating an environment that mirrors your current mood, making the gaming experience much more immersive and enjoyable.

Considering this game-changing innovation is a patent, there is no guarantee it will appear on the market soon. However, the potential this system holds in transforming our virtual gaming world is undoubtedly promising and fascinating.

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