Patent published on July 6, 2023

Sony's New Patent Revolutionizes Video Editing for Gamers

Video games have always been a great source of entertainment and even a way to relax for many people. It is no surprise, then, that Sony Interactive Entertainment is looking to revolutionize the way gamers create video clips of their gaming experience. Recently, Sony was granted a patent for a method of video editing that uses data from video games to create highlight reels. This patent is numbered US20230211234A1 and has the potential to drastically change the way gamers record and share their gaming highlights. The patent outlines an algorithm that analyzes in-game events and uses statistical models to decide which ones are important enough to be included in the highlight reel. The algorithm extracts video of the events from a video buffer and decides whether to include them in the highlight reel. This makes it easier for gamers to capture their favorite moments and share them with friends. The patent also describes a computer system that is used to store and analyze data from the video game. This system includes a processor, a memory, a storage device, and an input/output device. The system is used to store and analyze data from the video game, such as player movements, in-game events, and other data related to the game. This technology has the potential to make creating highlight reels much more efficient and exciting for gamers. It would make it easier to find and share the best parts of their gaming experience, whether it’s a big win or a funny moment. It also has the potential to make it easier for players to complete difficult levels or challenges, as they would be able to find and watch walk-throughs of the game more quickly and easily. The patent also outlines a way to record and store footage of in-game events, meaning that gamers would be able to save their favorite moments and watch them back at any time they want. This would be a great way to share highlights with friends, and could even be used to create unique video projects for social media. The technology described in the patent is still in its early stages, and it is not yet clear if or when it will be available to the public. However, if Sony does decide to bring this technology to the market, it could revolutionize the way gamers record and share their gaming experiences. While it is not certain whether this patent will make it to the market, Sony Interactive Entertainment has demonstrated their commitment to creating new and innovative ways to improve the gaming experience. This patent could be the first step in making video gaming more efficient and exciting for players around the world.

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