Patent published on September 26, 2023

Patent: SteelSeries' Arctis Pro Wireless Might Improve In-Game Sound Experience

Just picture this. You're engrossed in a thrilling video game on your favorite device and the adrenaline rush is sky high. Suddenly, you're jolted by a loud, disturbing noise disturbing your keen engagement. This issue has been a frustration for gamers worldwide, who have long contended with distortion and uncontrolled variation in the gaming soundscape. The patent number US11766612B2 aims to solve this very problem.

This issue has caused what can only be thought of as a barricade in the gaming experience. The disruption of unbalanced sounds not only takes away from the immersive gaming experience, but can also cause significant disturbance to those in the surrounding environment. Moreover, adjusting the game sounds, chat voices, or microphone voice of the player to the preferred levels has painfully been a manual task, requiring gamers to pause and adjust while possibly losing momentum in their game.

The recently published patent by STEELSERIES titled "Detection and classification of audio events in gaming systems" addresses such pain points. This creation allows gamers to enhance their sounds, whether it be game sounds, chat voices or the microphone voice, by funnelling them through a unique system that levels out the auditory playing field. The innovation envisages an easy-to-use setting that enables gamers to configure audio streams, allowing individual personalization without interrupting the gameplay. Whether it's reducing the constant hum of a computer fan or suppressing loud keyboard strokes, the patented invention has it all covered.

Imagine a world where your gaming experience is no longer tainted by distorted sounds or sudden spikes in volume. This patented creation could lead us into a new era of gaming where you, the player, have control over your auditory surrounding. You are in the driver's seat, adjusting volumes or reducing noises with just the touch of a button. This could translate into more realistic and immersive gaming sessions, improving a player’s overall gaming experience.

Imagine experiencing a virtual reality game where your enemy's footsteps, a crucial aspect for strategic planning, are as clear as if they were in the room. Or a scenario in which instructions from your teammates in a multiplayer game come through more cleanly and crisely, even in amidst the chaos of a virtual battlefield. This patent has the potential to improve team performance and individual gameplay alike.

Figures provided illustrate how one can manipulate different audio stream effects according to personal preference in real-time, without interrupting their gameplay. The easily adjustable sliders for parameters like gain, noise reduction, and volume control are a significant upgrade over the cumbersome manual setup gamers have grappled with in the past.

However, patents like US11766612B2, despite their promise, come with a caveat. While they provide a tantalizing glimpse into the possible future of an industry, there's never any certainty that they'll eventually morph into tangible products in the market. So for now, the global pool of gamers might have to keep their fingers crossed, hoping that this patent could soon transform into tangible, game-changing audio tech that would drastically elevate their gaming experience.

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