Patent published on August 22, 2023

Patented Feature Could Enhance Gaming Audio on Steelseries

Video games can transport a player into a different world, immersing the individual through captivating visuals and compelling storylines. One significant aspect that contributes to this immersive experience is sound. However, every gamer, with their unique ear anatomy, perceives this audio differently, leading to an unequal gaming experience. This discrepancy is particularly noticeable in the localization of sounds, where sound intended to be heard at the front may be perceived at the rear, and vice-versa. Tailoring the Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF), a comprehensive method to understand how sound is perceived, has been a complex, time-consuming, and expensive task, making it unrealistic for most gaming instances.

A recently filed Patent, US11731045B2, by the tech company Steelseries, has introduced pre-set audio profiles to address this common issue. This patented technology allows every gamer to modify the sounds they hear according to their preferences. These modifications include game sounds, chats with other gamers, and input from the player's microphone.

Each gamer now has the autonomy to control various aspects surrounding their gaming audio, offering different configurations for each unique audio stream. The pre-set audio profiles ease the process of selecting specific filter settings, making it a one-touch affair, and eliminating constant adjustments during gameplay or music. This could be removing static noise from spoken words, suppressing keyboard keystrokes or mouse click noises, maintaining a steady volume, or amplifying the sounds if the audio source volume is low.

Ultimately, this patented technology promises a more personalized gaming experience, duly considering the unique requirements of each user. The sound settings could potentially be as individual as the gamers themselves, thus aiming to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Imagine gamers seamlessly plunging into their favourite game without the constant annoyance of adjusting volumes, or dealing with peripheral noise. A war game fanatic could hear the clearest sound of a gun loading, or a horror game enthusiast could sense the eeriest whispers distinctly, all thanks to this innovative technology. This would undoubtedly revolutionize the gaming world, offering a matchless audio experience, catering to each gamer's unique needs.

However, as this invention is still in its patent phase under the number US11731045B2, there is no guarantee that it will become commercially available. This revolutionary patent is a significant step forward in gaming tech, promising to enhance the all-around gaming experience.

P.S. Keep in mind that even the most promising of patents might not see the light of the commercial market due to such factors as production costs or lack of feasibility.

(Source: Patent US11731045B2 - Pre-set audio profiles for graphical user interface and parametric equalizer in gaming systems by Steelseries)

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