Patent published on October 12, 2023

New Patent Could Change Lives of Ostomy Patients with Leak-proof, Comfortable Device: SilTop

Creating an opening in the body, a procedure known as an ostomy, saves countless lives each year. However, living with a stoma can be physically uncomfortable and emotionally distressing for many patients because of unpredictable leakage, skin irritation and the strain it puts on their personal and social lives. This is the problem a newly patented invention, patent number US20230320892A1, by the SilTop company aims to address.

The problem can be particularly challenging because the stoma, as it doesn’t function like the involuntary muscles of the anus, cannot control waste discharge. Ostomy devices currently available in the market simply can't overcome this problem and often result in leakage. Such an incident can be both embarrassing and physically uncomfortable, often leading to skin irritation, infection, or even necrosis of the stoma around the skin.

Additionally, irregularly shaped stomas, or those with irregular skin around them, present a greater risk of leakage due to impaired attachment of the baseplate – a part of the ostomy device used to secure the stoma. Frequent leaks cause constant discomfort and lead to patients having to change their ostomy bags several times a day. This process is time-consuming and needs a clean and isolated room, which often means patients are restricted to their homes.

The recent patent by SilTop, designed for ostomy patients, seeks to overcome these challenges by developing a disposable ostomy draining device. This unique tube is designed to be inserted into the stoma, where it seals itself from the inside, preventing leaks and easing the issues faced by ostomy patients.

The newly patented invention, unlike other solutions in the market, is neither glued to the skin nor makes it tight around the stoma. It potentially eliminates the risk of skin irritation often associated with adhesive based solutions and makes silver lining around dark clouds, the ostomy patients shy away from.

Looking ahead to a future where this new invention is widely used, the lives of ostomy patients could be significantly improved. The device can be replaced only every 2-4 weeks, significantly lowering the frequency of replacement compared to existing devices which must be changed almost daily. Moreover, in case there is the need for frequent replacements, this is easier and quicker with the new device and does not damage the skin.

In this modified world, ostomy patients would no longer be tethered to their homes, waiting for the next change of their ostomy device. Instead, they can live an active life without worrying about leakages or social embarrassment stemming from stoma issues. This device could be a game-changer for those undertaking ostomy procedures worldwide by improving their comfort, boosting their confidence, and enhancing their overall quality of life.

P.S. This creation is a patent, and there is no guarantee it will appear in the market or when it may be available for public use. However, this invention could potentially transform the experience of ostomy patients. Bringing such a patent to life would surely be an innovative step in medical science, making the lives of ostomy patients significantly easier and more comfortable.

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