Patent published on October 3, 2023

New Patent Could Make Sure Your Shipment Reaches Safely With Real-Time Tracking System

The seas of e-commerce never seem to calm and with rising tides, an appropriate focus is now being placed on the safety of all those packages whipping through cargo fleets. Stress Engineering Services recently secured patent US11773626B2 titled "Systems and methods for facilitating logistics", promising a revolutionary take on the safety and security of international cargo transportation.

In the age of Amazon Prime, the average consumer's entire world is available at our fingertips, and we have assumed a certain level of insurance on our packages. However, the reality of current cargo transport systems is far more uncertain. Presently, the possibility of loss, theft or damage of the containers poses a serious issue, leading to dissatisfaction among consumers, inefficiency in services, unnecessary inconvenience, and substantial costs for companies. As a result, the industry has been crying out for a solution. And that's where this new patent comes in.

Patent US11773626B2 presents a novel solution to the problem. It is essentially a unique lock developed for shipping containers, involving a movable cable, and a signal-casting system that can relay when the lock is correctly in place and if the cable is tampered or cut. It functions through an interconnected grid of power source, a messaging device, a sensor to check the lock's position, and a computer chip to manage it all. One of the distinct advantages of this method is achieving real-time inventory control. The inventors even envisage this system as a way to identify and prevent further damage quickly if there are any inappropriate environmental conditions or local damage during the storage or shipment stage.

The future of cargo transport painted by this patent is a secure and efficient one. It's a future where people aren't constantly worrying about lost or delayed packages but rather have the confidence in knowing where and how their cargo is at any given moment. This will eliminate countless hours spent on the phone attempting to track down misplaced items. Imagine, for instance, a mother sending off a package of homemade sweets to her child studying abroad. With this new patented technology, she wouldn't have to worry if the sweets would reach her child at all or if they would arrive spoiled. The real-time tracking system would let her monitor the package's voyage and ensure that it's being kept in optimal conditions.

P.S: While stress Engineering Services has secured this patent, it is important to remember that patents don't always translate into market-available products. Therefore, while the technology sounds promising, there is no definitive guarantee that it will materialize.

Figures associated with the patent, such as FIG. 1 depicting an unlocked position of the cable lock assembly, further substantiate and illuminate this invention's innovative methods in a way that seems understandable even to those of us not familiar with the intricacies of locking systems or cargo logistics.

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