Patent published on August 10, 2023

Making Loans Easier and Safer with Strong Force TX's Crowd-Sourced Information System

The lending scene is about to undergo a significant reboot, as a revolutionary patent recently filed under the number US20230252585A1 promises to seamlessly streamline the loaning process with the help of artificial intelligence.

The credit for this innovative change goes to the team at Strong Force TX Portfolio 2018, who have designed a computer system that asks people for details regarding collateral, say, a house or a car being used to secure a loan. It's a smart inclusion in the company's existing platform, Strong Force TX Lending Platform and a definite shake-up in the field of lending.

Traditionally, figuring out the value of property that is used as a loan's security or backing has always troublesome. There was always the fear of "opacity and asymmetry of information," where the borrower or the lender didn't see the full picture. This smart, new system, promises to tip the scales back in favor of transparency.

How does it work? If someone responds back with the right information about the condition of something used as loan guarantee, the system can then evaluate if it's valid info. If the information holds water, the computer responds positively to the successful accumulation of useful data.

This system offers much-needed solution to problems like difficulty in determining the property value or determining the reliability of the entities. Artificial Intelligence is intelligently employed to handle multitude of things, from optimization, automation, control of various functions to the forecasting of varied states, contexts, and other factors.

The figures given in the patent document outlines the components and interactions of the lending platform that helps in handling lending entities and transactions. It also demonstrates how the data collection, monitoring and robotic process automation system can have beneficial implications for loan management.

A prime advantage of this system is its capacity to learn and evolve over time. The robotic process automation system can be trained based on the outcomes from a crowd-sourcing request or social network data collection, effectively making it more reliable and accurate with each pass.

In conclusion, while this idea of a mortgage-lending system that learns and improves itself may seem like a page out of a science fiction novel, it's nevertheless remarkable to see such a vision being turned into a patent. However, as promising as the patented technology sounds, there are no guarantees that this service will eventually turn up in the market — like any patent, its eventual production depends on a variety of factors. Nonetheless, the idea is intriguing, signaling interesting times ahead for lenders and borrowers alike.

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