Patent published on November 7, 2023

SurgeRoute's New Patent Could Make Your Drive More Personalized

Each day, drivers rely on navigation systems to guide them to their destinations. However, a common criticism of these systems is that their routes are calculated based on a single factor: minimizing the time from the start to the finish point. The problem here is that these navigation systems often overlook the individual preferences and habits of the driver. Perhaps you’d like a route that includes your favorite lunch destination, or you'd prefer to drive past the scenic coastline instead of taking a quicker freeway ride. Patent US11808594B1, recently awarded to SurgeTech, suggests a future where your navigation system might just become your driving companion, attentive to your likes, dislikes and driving patterns.

All too often, drivers find existing navigation apps inadequate for their needs. These apps tend to pick routes strictly focusing on time-saving, unable to adapt based on individual user requirements. As a result, long rides lack the personal touch, including preferred pit stops for dining or restroom breaks, or routes with scenic views. Moreover, these navigation aids fail to provide a holistic approach to route optimization, considering each route segment in isolation instead of comprehending the whole journey. This fragmentation detracts from the overall driving experience and forces drivers to adjust routes manually.

Enter SurgeTech's innovative solution, instrumenting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to remedy these pains. Their patented technology uses a self-learning computer program which learns a driver's favorite routes and driving habits, utilizing this data to suggest routes consistent with their preferences. The proposed system enables granular customization of vehicle routes based on driver preferences learned over time, promising a significantly improved user experience.

Imagine, for instance, embarking on a long road trip with this tech by your side. Your intelligent navigation system would not only guide you along the familiar paths you prefer but also suggest designated rest stops at your favorite eateries. For those fond of scenic drive paths, it could map a route traversing lush green landscapes or picturesque coastlines, as you'd like. Essentially, the car ride would become an extension of your preferences.

However, it's essential to note that while this patent introduces a futuristic approach to an age-old problem, there's no guarantee of it becoming a market product anytime soon, as inventing something is just the first step towards its actual commercial deployment.

To conclude, SurgeTech's newly patented technology suggests a future where your navigation system transforms from a mere direction provider to a personal guide that respects and learns from your preferences. If successful, driving might just become a more personalized and enjoyable activity for many, but as is often the case with patents, only time will tell if this one will find its path out of the lab and onto our roads.

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