Patent published on October 19, 2023

TouchAir's New Patent Might Make Smartwatches Respond to Sound Cues

With each passing day, technological innovations worldwide continue to break boundaries with inventions aimed at solving core problems, and patent number US20230333850A1, filed by Suzhou TouchAir Technology Co., is no exception.

Humans have always aimed for smoother and more efficient ways of interacting with computers. However, most of our interactions have hinged on triggering operations manually on the device's display interface. Take, for instance, the somewhat trivial but frequent task of switching songs. It pushes the listener into a touch-based interaction with their device, interrupting their listening experience.

This interesting patent submitted by Suzhou TouchAir Technology Co. addresses this very issue. Their proposed innovation unlocks a whole new level of efficiency - generating control instructions without requiring the user to touch the display interface. The idea is ingeniously simple yet transformative; it uses sound waves, specifically ultrasounds, as a medium to create a virtual interactive control mode.

The patent's method utilizes the angle between two devices, which if changes, a command is produced. The command, transmitted via sound signals, instructs the recipient device to perform a particular action, like skipping the song in our earlier example. This unlocked potential of sound waves promises not only to change song switching but also to transform the way we interact with our devices entirely.

Now, imagine being able to shift your multimedia device's view angle merely by rotating your smart wristband. It's easy to take for granted now when you are using your touchscreen smartphone. However, this patented technology could open up new possibilities for people with mobility issues. You just have to slightly move one device relative to the other, and your command is executed. Wave 'goodbye' to scrolling with fingers or squinting at small touch panels in dim lights.

But let's not restrict ourselves to music and video streaming. This idea can potentially be used in a broader range of applications since the possibilities are limitless. Want to take a photo but your other hand is occupied? No worries. Just align your smartwatch with your phone, and voila, it's snapshot time. Home appliances with smart features? Control the room's temperature without having to leave your comfy sofa.

While this patent heralds many promises, it's important to remember that it's still a patent. That means it is merely a documented, innovative concept for the time being. While it gives TouchAir the exclusive right to bring this invention to life, there's no guarantee they necessarily will. It may take time to see such a technology hit the stores, or it may never happen at all. So, until such a day arrives, we might need to practice finger-swiping or command-speaking skills a bit longer.

Yet, if the day does come when we're controlling our gadgets with mere movements, no touch required, we'll know to thank patent US20230333850A1.

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