Patent published on November 16, 2023

New Patent Sparks Innovation with Entrepreneurial Board Game

In an age where innovation is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury, the process of generating fresh and viable business ideas can often turn into a daunting task. This challenging task, surprisingly, has recently found solace in a playful approach. A commanding new entrant in the world of board games promises to gift us with an entertaining solution to this issue. The US patent US20230364496A1, granted to David Svengalis, provides us with an exceptional method and system that makes the process of idea generation a delightful exercise.

The key issue currently faced by entrepreneurial ventures and startups is the lack of creative and practical ideas. Often, such ventures, despite having abundant enthusiasm and capital, face a roadblock due to a deficiency in well-formed, effective ideas that can be successful in today's dynamic market. This issue has been leading to a lowered rate of successful startups and is inhibiting the spirit of entrepreneurship.

The US20230364496A1 patent is aimed precisely at addressing this issue. The patented entrepreneurial board game combines entertainment and brainstorming, thereby producing a playful and effective method for generating ideas. The game encourages players to unearth and combine ideas to concoct something new. These newly formed ideas are then discussed and assessed by players, finally deciding on the one that has the potential to work in the real world.

Imagine a world where the genesis of a new venture could be sparked by simply playing an engaging game! Friends gathering for a game night could end up brainstorming the next big invention or service. Instead of spending hours in monotonous brainstorming meetings, entrepreneurs and corporate teams can now generate ideas while enjoying a spirited play of cards.

The patent showcases different versions of the game, including a board game version and a card-only version. The patent also introduces unique 'asset cards,' chaos cards', and 'modifier cards' aiding in the process of idea generation and selection. The patent's figures demonstrate how to use these components, detailing the game's flow from the start of a player's turn to declaring a winner.

This innovative approach of fusing entertainment with entrepreneurial activity opens a spectrum of possibilities within the entrepreneurial world. However, it is essential to recognize the fact that patents are a part of the developmental phase of an invention or idea. A patent does not guarantee the product’s presence in the market. It's an exciting space to watch as this blend of fun and commerce might just revolutionize entrepreneurship and reshape the way we conceive our future ventures.

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