Patent published on December 7, 2023

New Patent Could Streamline Ad Creation on Swaybrand App

In a bustling era of digital marketing, connecting brands with the right creative forces has become like finding a needle in an expansive worldwide haystack. Solving this inconvenience has been an ongoing struggle, stunting the growth of potentially symbiotic business relationships. This lack of ease in matching brands with fitting influencers or creators many times is due to missing information about the creator's audience or the brand's target criteria.

Enter the patent US20230394532A1: an innovative solution titled "On-Location Ad Creation" aiming to transform the advertisement landscape by facilitating quicker and more accurate matches between brands and creators. The online world yet again breaks through traditional boundaries by proposing a location-based system to manage and optimise advertisement creation.

Currently, brands struggle with tracing the exact reach, demographic, or geographic location of a creator's audience. This creates an analytical blindspot, potentially leading to misjudged collaborations that might not yield the expected results. Conversely, creators often remain in the dark, unsure about what specific metrics a brand may be targeting.

This patented system plans on cutting this Gordian knot by developing a platform within Swaybrand App. It allows brands to launch campaigns while specifying their required influencer criteria. Based on this, creators can find suitable opportunities, submitting their interest to collaborate. If a creator's profile matches the brand's needs, a digital agreement is formed.

Interestingly, a unique feature of this patent allows the brands to identify a creator who's physically at a specific location. Here, an on-the-spot promotion can be induced. Visualise a popular influencer checking in at a luxury hotel, and based on their location, the hotel management can instantly propose a promotional partnership.

This not only infuses a sense of fluidity and spontaneity into brand and influencer collaborations but also empowers both parties with data-driven, targeted interface. This leads to an increased success rate of campaigns on both ends and a boost in the appeal for consumers.

Looking into the future, this comprehensive and intuitive system of connecting creators and brands holds promising potential. Brands will have quicker access to influencers who match their demographic and geographical requirements, and influencers would have a higher chance of collaborating with brands that align with their style and follower-base. This means more successful campaigns, more satisfied audiences, and an overall boost in the digital marketing field.

However, it's important to remember that previous figures and plans are born out of a patent, and its translation into reality is reliant on several factors including procurement of the necessary resources and favorable market conditions. So while the future painted by this patent looks bright, we still need to wait to see it actually lighting up the market.

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