Patent published on July 6, 2023

Innovative Content Targeting: Maris Jacob Ensing's Advanced Media System

In recent years, media delivery systems have become more prevalent in the way we consume content. Companies have been using these systems to deliver a wide range of media to their customers, from television shows to advertisements. Now, Maris Jacob Ensing has developed an advanced media system that could revolutionize the way companies deliver content to their customers. The system, which is the subject of US20230214419A1, is designed to capture images of an audience and analyze those images to identify people in the audience. It can also count how many people of each group are present and show media content tailored specifically to those groups. Additionally, the system can help people move through areas in an efficient way. The system is built on a series of interconnected components, which work together to provide a comprehensive system for content delivery. The components include an image capture device, an analysis component, and a content delivery component. The image capture device captures images of the audience and sends them to the analysis component, which uses machine learning algorithms to identify people in the images. The analysis component also counts the number of people in each group and sends the data to the content delivery component. The content delivery component then uses the data to display media content tailored to the audience. For example, a company could use the system to display ads to customers based on their age, gender, or location. The system can also be used to display content that is tailored to the mood of the audience. For example, if the analysis component detects that the audience is in a good mood, the content delivery component can display content that is lighthearted and upbeat. The system has a variety of other applications, from helping people navigate stores to providing security surveillance. The system can also be used to provide insights into customer behavior, such as what products customers are most interested in or what products customers are most likely to purchase. Maris Jacob Ensing's advanced media system is an innovative way to deliver tailored content to an audience. While the patent is still in the process of being developed, the potential applications of the system are exciting and could revolutionize the way companies deliver content to their customers. It is likely that the system will be available in the near future, so companies should keep an eye on developments in the area. As with any patent, there is no guarantee that the patent will ever be brought to market, but the possibilities are intriguing and could be a game-changer for content delivery.

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