Patent published on November 16, 2023

New Patent Might Boost Tencent Video's 3D Streaming Experience

Is there anything more exciting than the magic of cinema bursting out of the screen and into our living rooms? This might soon be a reality thanks to a new patent with the number US20230370666A1. With the rise in online viewing, many of us have experienced interruptions or buffering while streaming videos. It's a frustrating problem that interrupts our immersion and enjoyment. But what if the tedious buffering never cost you the climax scene again? The solution is the stroke of genius in this new patent filed by Tencent America.

At its core, the essence of this invention lies in its uncanny ability to prioritize the scenes viewers will see first on their light-field screens. Essentially, important or high-action scenes will load first, ensuring that viewers won't miss critical moments of their favorite shows, even when their internet speeds are subpar. Sounds promising, right?

Slow loading times, buffering, and incomplete rendering of scenes are not just annoyances but significant issues that degrade the viewing experience. For viewers with slower internet connections, they might not be able to enjoy 3D streaming at all.

The patented technology addresses these issues by prioritizing the loading process of different scenes from a show based on their importance. This process is practically tailor-made for immersive media content, such as light-field or holographic immersive displays.

Picture this: You’re watching a movie, and there’s a thrilling car chase in the city. The cars are weaving through a complex maze of buildings, and the helicopter shots show sprawling skyscrapers. Now, instead of enduring an interruption in the video or a slow buffering speed right before the car hits a deadly turn, the screen loads the sequence in high-definition in no time.

It could revolutionize how we watch videos at home. Remember the way the light-field displays make the images pop out at you in 3D? Now imagine enjoying it with no interruptions, no matter the internet speed.

However, it's essential to remember that as of now, this brilliant technology is just a patent, and there is no guarantee when, or indeed if, it will be implemented. It's the first step of many, but certainly an exciting step towards improving how we consume content on a day-to-day basis.

P.S. The newfound solution to immersive media does sound promising, but please remember that it is yet only a patent application–US20230370666A1. No assurance can be made as to when or whether this technology will hit the market.

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