Patent published on October 26, 2023

New Patent Could Boost your Tencent Gaming Buddy Experience

Here's breaking news for all gaming fanatics out there. A new patent titled "SMART CLIENT FOR STREAMING OF SCENE-BASED IMMERSIVE MEDIA TO GAME ENGINE" (Patent number: US20230338834A1) was recently published, and it holds the potential to not just make your gaming experience better on the Tencent Gaming Buddy, but also to massively revolutionize the world of media processing and distribution.

Currently, the experience of videos or audios on our gadgets, such as tablets and phones, is affected by the constraints of the device's capabilities itself. Traditional devices like the TV, laptops, and mobile displays all have their limits and abilities. The media presented on your device is the same as that captured by the camera at the time of creation - there's no possibility for new, exciting views or immersive experiences. In addition, certain client devices are limited in their complexity and consequently, the quality and depth of the media they can present, especially in real-time applications.

What's worse is, this problem has been a major roadblock in establishing a smooth, end-to-end network for distributing immersive media over commercial networks. As the display end-points in such networks are usually an assortment of devices with differing capabilities and compatibilities, the network must 'know' what each device can handle before it can process media in a suitable format for it. Due to the lack of such specific information, the delivery of media is compromised, leading to less than satisfactory user experiences.

Tencent's new patented process aims to significantly reduce these hurdles. Its invention serves as an intermediary between your device and the network distributing immersive media. Simply put, it 'guides' the network based on your device's capabilities and availability. This means the network can configure its delivery to best suit your specific device, making the media play much more fluidly on your phone or tablet.

So what does this mean for the future of our media consumption? A world where your device offers immersive media experiences with no hitches or lags. Envision gaming scenes live on Tencent Gaming Buddy where the media is presented as realistically as if you were inside the game yourself - just like being in a magic film. Talking about cooking shows, documentaries, or online classes - all will provide such immersive experience that you would feel physically present at these spots.

However, in the end, it is worth noting that while patents indicate a company's direction and intent, they are not guarantees of a product's market availability. For now, we await eagerly to see if and when Tencent brings this promising technology into our gaming worlds. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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