Patent published on October 26, 2023

New Tencent Patent Might Make Rare PUBG Mobile Items More Accessible

In a world where online gaming rages as a staple of entertainment, the hunt for rare and special virtual items within games often becomes a source of frustration for players. Such a problem is the crux of a new patent, US20230338860A1, recently filed by Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company.

Oftentimes, coveted virtual items within games, much like PUBG mobile, can be acquired either through game "lotteries" or by purchasing with real-world money. This leaves players who don't wish to spend extra cash in a quandary, unable to access the rarer goods. Also in other cases, inconsistencies between the price displayed in a client's game and the actual server price can lead to a sub-par gaming experience.

Taking this issue head-on, Tencent's patent presents a novel solution. Instead of relying solely on luck or real-world cash, gamers can now get the chance to 'earn' these items. By entering in-game competitions and directing the actions of a virtual game character, players can earn virtual coins. These coins can then be used to buy special items from a store within the premises of the game.

Imagine a new dawn for the gaming world with this mechanism in place. Consider the young student who loves to unwind with a game of PUBG mobile but can't spend money on it. Instead, they earn their way to those coveted weapons skins or special effects by outperforming peers in competitions. The same holds for the avid gamer who loves the thrill of earning these unique items rather than buying them. Boredom during commutes or free periods could turn into tournament matches, making the experience of elevating one's ranking more rewarding and exciting.

While transforming the gaming experience undoubtedly, it's essential to note that this is a solution offered by a patent. There's no guarantee if or when it would actually materialize in the market, where it can potentially disrupt the current model. But it certainly provides a glimpse of a gaming world that levels the playing field for every player, irrespective of their willingness or ability to spend real-world resources.

P.S. Please bear in mind that since this is a patent, there is no certainty that it will become available in the marketplace. However, it does open new doors to how online gaming can evolve, emphasizing inclusivity and merit-based rewards over mere luck or cash resources.

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