Patent published on November 21, 2023

Therabody's New Patent: Smart Mask Might Personalize Facial Relaxation with TheraOne Sleep CBD Body Balm

Any NYC dweller will tell you the pace of life can be stressful, and the search for relaxation methods is always on. Therabody, a wellness-focused company, seeks to soothe this tension with the help of technology. They have recently published a patent titled "Facial wearable gadget and methods for providing external stimuli using the same" (Patent Number: US11819625B1) in February 2022 that might be the next game-changer in wellness and relaxation.

A problem common to many facial relaxation devices on the market is their "one-size fits all" approach. Simply put, they are not personalized to the user’s needs and do not adapt according to their response to the treatment. Furthermore, these devices traditionally haven't connected to our ubiquitous smart devices for seamless integration into our routines or tapped into biofeedback (natural responses our bodies have, such as heart rate).

Therabody aims to address these issues by introducing a mask that includes mechanisms for folding, heating, vibrating, and even inflating with air to provide different types of stimuli to the user's face. The unique twist, however, is that this mask also features a sensor, capable of detecting health information of the user and adapting the mask's response accordingly.

This paves the way to a world where your relaxation device understands your body's needs and adjusts to maximize recuperation. Had a particularly stressful day? The mask would detect a raised heart rate and can devote extra attention to relaxing you via heat or vibration. Not feeling too tense, but have a big day tomorrow? The mask might switch to a lighter mode that keeps things cool and light, allowing you to wake up rejuvenated for the day ahead.

Significant potential implications could be found in the night-time routines. Instead of turning to devices like televisions or smartphones which may worsen insomnia and sleep problems due to blue light, users may instead use this mask to wind down for the night, effectively reducing screen time and enhancing sleep quality. Imagine a scenario where you put on your mask, and its sensors figure out your body’s needs and respond accordingly with a personalized relaxation routine, allowing you to drift into your dreams.

In the not-so-far future, Therabody's innovative mask could also be integrated with their product, TheraOne Sleep CBD Body Balm, providing a complete relaxation package by combining touch-therapy with personalized stimuli delivered by the smart mask.

However, it's essential to temper this excitement with a pinch of realism - this technology is currently just a patent and not a guaranteed product. Like all patents, there are no guarantees that this invention will make it to the market. But it does open intriguing possibilities for the future of personalized relaxation technology - something that may just be the antidote New Yorkers and the world need in their frenzied lives.

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