Patent published on May 10, 2017

This Smartwatch will help you find a date

What if I tell you can now make friends with a smartwatch?

Interesting, isn’t it?

Well, soon it’ll be possible because a Chinese company JRD Communication, which is a patent holding branch of TCL Corporation, has filed a patent application for a smartwatch that can help you break the ice.

The smartwatch will work like a dating app. It’ll scan your surroundings for a nearby smartwatch having the same app installed. Your smart watches will then exchange some information and match you with a new friend. Simple as that.

Smart watches have become an important member of IoT family and they are capable of doing way more than just displaying time and emails.

Recently, Apple Watch was reported to be coming with a feature to disable itself in driving mode for safety purposes. Even LG has a patent for a smartwatch to save lives lost in car accidents by making sure you’re in right condition of driving.

TCL Corporation is a quite famous company when comes consumer electronics and gadgets industry. One of its subsidiaries, Alcatel, is also well known for their stylish Smart watches and other smartphone accessories. It is quite certain that TCL will bring this functionality, probably in form of a dating app, to Alcatel’s smart watches.

The smartwatch will use GPS or radio signals to find a nearby smartwatch. The connection distance is not disclosed, however, you can take a standard connectivity distance radius of at least 50 meters (Making it ideal for Pubs, and Bars).

Now, taking about matching criteria, it will use your basic profile to find a relevant friend. If you and another user share same hobbies, songs, movies, and programs etc, the app will consider that a match and notify the users of each other’s presence.

This can also give wearer – you, a topic to talk about. As both parties will share multiple interest or hobbies, there will be plenty of things both of you’ll be able to talk about. A real ice breaker.

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