Patent published on September 26, 2023

New Patent Could Make 'Smart Speaker Privacy Tool' More Secretive

In today's fast-paced world, we heavily rely on our smart speakers to make our everyday lives a bit easier. However, with the rise of these home devices, privacy becomes a major concern for many. The central issue revolves around the fact that these smart devices are perpetually listening. Imagine yourself chatting in your living room, unknowing whether the tech gadget by the couch is eavesdropping, recording your private talk, or not.

What can be more alarming is that some users might not even realize their conversations are under scrutiny. Even those who understand the trade-off between convenience and privacy may reluctantly accept this situation because the benefit of using such devices outweigh the privacy worries.

The newly released patent number US11770665B2, titled "Privacy device for smart speakers," aims to address these predicaments. The patented tech tool promises a new solution that doesn't limit the use of your smart speaker but ensures complete privacy as well. This handy device serves like a guard, preventing the microphones from hearing anything until signaled to do so. It waits for a specific trigger, a certain word that you decide, and only then does it allow the smart speaker to listen or see.

One might wonder, how does it work? Instead of disconnecting your device or pressing a button to ensure privacy, the tool uses its processor to determine if a trigger word has been spoken. It does this by using low powered algorithms, meaning it will not disturb the functioning of the original smart speaker yet providing a fool-proof shield to your private conversations.

Now picture this: A world where smart speakers are no longer eavesdropping, a world where you can freely speak without the constant thought of being listened to. This tool could be used widely by families, businesses, and individuals around the globe. For instance, imagine sitting in your living room, knowing that someone might be listening in on your special family moments. But, with this patented tool, you have complete control over the smart speaker, securing your privacy.

However, it is crucial to note not every patent ends up being marketed or available for public use. Even though this patent holds a promising solution to the privacy issues, there are no guarantees that it will make its way into our homes soon.

P.S: Despite this promising patent innovation, the critical point to remember here is that not all patents transition from paper to production. Although it holds potential to give smart speaker users sit in peace, time will tell if this sees the light of the day ending the ongoing privacy concerns.

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