Patent published on October 24, 2023

Touch Point's Patent Could Authenticate Products, Fight Counterfeits

In an era where counterfeits are increasingly prevalent, it's becoming more pressing for consumers to verify the authenticity of the products they purchase. Touch Point Worldwide, a technology firm, is proposing a solution to this problem with their newly patented Blockchain-based product authentication system (patent number US11798008B2). This system aims to provide supply chain information and verify the legitimacy of physical products in real time.

Many consumers, driven by an increasing demand for transparency and quality, desire more than just the price point of a product. They are interested in knowing the origins of the materials used in the product, the manufacturing process, and the sustainability practices involved. The surge of counterfeit goods has also prompted shoppers to question the authenticity of their purchases. Unfortunately, current systems don't effectively meet these needs - creating a clear information gap.

To bridge this gap, Touch Point's patented system employs what they call a 'blockchain diary'. This technology allows consumers to validate their purchases through scanning a special code on the product. If the scanned code tallies with the information stored in the 'blockchain diary', the system confirms that the product is genuine. This provides users an added layer of confidence in their purchases.

Envision a world where you can immediately verify the authenticity of that designer handbag you've purchased online, or confirm that the coffee you're drinking is actually sourced sustainably - all at your fingertips. This technology will not only boost consumers' confidence in their purchases but also create a more transparent and accountable retail environment.

The Touch Point Authenticator seems like a probable future use-case for this technology. It could essentially act as an automotive 'pass', helping to verify the authenticity of each part in a car manufacturing assembly line. This would ensure that only genuine, high-quality parts are used, thus enhancing the overall safety and longevity of vehicles.

However, it's important to mention that a patent is just the first step toward bringing a conceptual idea to market. There's no guarantee that this product will appear on store shelves anytime soon, despite the promising functionalities it proposes.

P.S.: This invention is a patented technology, merely an idea at this stage, and we can't assure its practical implementation or market appearance. We await eagerly to see how this unfolds.

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