Patent published on August 8, 2023

New Touch Point's Product Authentication System: How It Busts Fake Goods and Takes Consumer Trust to New Heights

New York City - Amidst constant threats of counterfeit goods in the market, Touch Point Worldwide landed Patent No. US11720907B2, presenting a game-changing solution for the consumer trust dilemma - a unique Product Authentication System.

The nuts and bolts of this invention are rooted in a tech concept, popularly known as blockchain. Like a diary that keeps a time-stamped entry of every activity, the blockchain tracks a product from its origin, through all its transit points, till it lands in your shopping cart. Here's the exciting part: to confirm the authenticity of your new purchase, all you have to do is scan a code packaged with the product. This scan not only verifies its genuineness but also might treat you with behind-the-scenes trivia about your product right on your device!

Why are we putting a spotlight on this? The need for such a system is bolstered by a noticeable shift in consumer behavior. Today's customers are not just concerned with price and quality. They are seeking full disclosure - be it knowledge of its raw materials, manufacturing process, or its extensive journey from the factory to the retail shelves. With the rampant spread of fake goods, owning an authentic product has also become a matter of pride, lending to the demand for this real-time product verification platform.

The figures accompanying the patent details tell an intriguing tale of the innovation's functioning. From the networked setup (FIG.1) encompassing the product verification system to the explanation of a unique electronic token (FIG.3), the diagrams illustrate the system's journey. It highlights how product tokenization (FIG.6) and authentication (FIG.7) process runs in concert.

This patent proposal is a step towards a more transparent shopping experience, catering to the demand for a real-time authentication platform, while addressing concerns around product origins, counterfeit goods, and manufacturing processes. Additionally, it makes a case for low deployment costs, robust upkeep, and a promise to maintain consumer trust with satisfactory transaction bandwidth - a major pro considering the high volume of products involved.

However, it is important to remember that this is a patent, still awaiting an official nod to make its market debut. It could be a long way from rotating the gears of factories to landing in your shopping cart. But one thing is for certain - it has all the making of a consumer loyalty blockbuster!

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