Patent published on October 26, 2023

New Patent Could Help Toyota RAV4 Users Find Hidden Trunk Items

Imagine the endless rummaging you've done in your car's trunk trying to find a missing item, your frustration peaking as precious time slips by while you search. In response to this pervasive problem, a new patent by the Toyota Research Institute, numbered US20230342718A1, may just have the perfect solution.

This all-too-common issue has resulted in countless minutes wasted and has also caused unnecessary stress for drivers. Whether it's locating your spare tire lying underneath all your camping gear or finding the elusive umbrella that's hiding somewhere in a jam-packed trunk, these scenarios frustrate because they occur all too often. Moreover, this problem exacerbates in situations where numerous items are tangled in an indecipherable clutter, blocking the sight and access to certain items.

To address this challenge, Toyota Research Institute is proposing a breakthrough system specifically designed for a car's storage compartment. This smart system rapid-fires a two-fold operation. It senses an action whenever an item is being placed in the trunk or when it's removed. Meanwhile, a camera fitted within the system shoots videos of the items in the process. In simpler words, it keeps an eye on your trunk and remembers what went in and where it's placed, so you don't have to.

The magic happens when a special computer system, working on the captured videos, identifies all the items and creates a digital replica of the car's trunk and its contents. This virtual copy is then sent to the user's personal device, be it a smartphone or a tablet.

In the post-problem world, this game-changing invention is set to revolutionize the way we interact with our cars. Picture this - you're getting ready for a weekend getaway, and you remember packing a sunblock but can't find it. All you have to do is check your phone, which displays a live, organized inventory of everything in your trunk.

This patent could be integrated into any vehicle, though the invention specifically highlights its applicability in a Toyota RAV4. It's worth noting, however, that though this patent has been published, there's no guarantee the system will materialize in the market. Nonetheless, it's an exciting possibility that could turn our vehicle-using experience around.

Next time you find yourself fumbling in your car's trunk, remember, there might soon be an app for that, saving you from the chaos and frustration that we are all too familiar with. P.S: The future of trunks could be closer than we think!

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