Patent published on March 14, 2024

Tracklet's Patent: Device that Tracks Body Temperature to Prevent Disease Spread

In a world where disease transmission poses a constant threat, staying vigilant and rapidly identifying potential cases is of utmost importance. Addressing this concern, Tracklet, a revolutionary technology company, has been granted a patent for a groundbreaking invention that aims to mitigate the spread of diseases through a wearable gadget equipped with biofeedback sensors. This patent, with the number US20240081646A1, offers an intelligent solution to track body temperature and promptly detect any abnormal changes that may indicate the presence of an illness.

The core problem this patent sets out to solve is the challenge faced by employers or hosts in swiftly identifying and communicating with individuals who may be exhibiting signs of illness, such as Covid-19. Furthermore, decision-makers often struggle to determine appropriate actions when faced with such scenarios. Recognizing these obstacles, Tracklet presents a system that allows employers and hosts to quickly identify potentially infected individuals while ensuring that appropriate measures can be taken promptly.

The patented technology revolves around a wearable gadget that captures and transmits the wearer's body temperature. A sensor within the device promptly detects any changes in temperature and sends a signal to a small electronic component integrated within the wearable. This electronic component then transfers the temperature data to a computer, which employs sophisticated algorithms to monitor and track the individual's temperature over time.

By analyzing the temperature readings, the computer can identify significant temperature variations, which may indicate the presence of an illness. When such anomalies occur, the device notifies the wearer, enabling them to take necessary precautions and seek appropriate medical attention. This proactive approach not only helps safeguard the individual but also prevents potential disease transmission within their immediate surroundings.

The advantages of Tracklet's patented invention are manifold. The data models developed as part of this technology enable statistical predictions for each individual user, as well as collective insights for venues or employers/hosts. This allows for precise and scalable monitoring capabilities, empowering decision-makers to make informed choices on necessary actions and preventive measures.

Looking ahead, a world where this problem is efficiently tackled through Tracklet's patented device would be one where disease transmission is significantly curtailed. Employers and hosts would possess the means to swiftly identify individuals who may pose potential health risks, taking the necessary precautions to protect their employees, customers, and guests.

Real-life examples of the practical application of this invention abound. Imagine a bustling office environment where each employee wears their Tracklet device, constantly tracking their body temperature. If an individual were to experience an unusual spike in body temperature, the device would promptly alert them. They could then take appropriate action, follow necessary protocols, and seek medical advice, thereby preventing the spread of illness within the workplace.

In conclusion, Tracklet's patent for a device that tracks body temperature represents a significant stride in disease prevention and control. By offering a robust and scalable architecture, this invention equips employers and hosts with the tools needed to swiftly and accurately identify potential illness cases and mitigate the risks associated with disease transmission. While this patent holds promise in tackling the challenges at hand, it's important to note that its appearance in the market is uncertain. Nonetheless, it stands as a testament to the power of innovation in safeguarding public health and shaping a safer world for all.

P.S. This article highlights a recently published patent by Tracklet, showcasing their innovative device for tracking body temperature. While this patent presents a significant advancement in disease prevention, it is important to note that there is no guarantee of its availability in the market.

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