Patent published on September 5, 2023

New Patent Could Make Shopping with Trax Retail Watch Theft-Proof

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, shopping in a retail store can often turn into quite the endeavor. The patent by Trax Technology Solutions (patent number: US11749072B2) tackles the core issue of shoplifting and enhancing the customer shopping experience by introducing a smart security measure via technology.

Brick-and-mortar business owners often come across systematic inefficiencies such as uniform compliance to product placement plans, real-time inventory tracking, and irregularities in product displacement. By relying on individuals to monitor these, businesses often suffer from inconsistent results, gaps in compliance, and sometimes, theft.

The recently published patent by Trax Technology Solutions attempts to rectify these problems by introducing a smart camera system within stores. This system is designed to keep an eye on the shoppers and their behaviors. If the system predicts shoplifting or any such malicious action, it has the potential to manipulate the information viewable on the potential thief's shopping app, effectively deterring theft. The concept is to make shopping experiences not only efficient but also inherently theft-proof.

This inventive solution embraces progressive technology to handle real-world complications in retail business. Think about it – no more long queues at checkout counters or unhappy surprises finding out your desired item is out of stock, and no shoplifting.

But how does it function? To explain in layman's terms – this smart technology takes images of various products displayed in a store. When it detects an irregularity, like a product being removed hastily or suspiciously, it sends a signal to the main system. This system can then adjust the information of the potential thief on their personal device or shopping app.

Imagine a world where retail shopping experiences are smooth and hassle-free. Not only will it save you extensive personal time, but it will also enhance your shopping experience. Technological innovations are continuously transforming our lives, and this patent is a prime example of that.

Do keep in mind that while the patent has been granted, it's not a guarantee that it will become a commercial product. It must first pass through commercial viability studies, manufacturing negotiations, and numerous other steps before making its way into the market. Still, the patented technology does present a fascinating glimpse into the potential future of retail shopping.

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