Patent published on November 21, 2023

Patent Hints: Trimble SiteVision could Make Construction Easier with Augmented Reality

Building an edifice or infrastructure is like solving a complicated puzzle. Every piece, from the foundation to the roof - even the minute corners, has to fit and fall perfectly in place. But what if we told you that a recent patent application, US11821730B2, has been designed like a magic pair of glasses that will help builders find the perfect place for every puzzle piece? Sounds like a game-changer, doesn't it?

Sometimes in construction, especially at incomplete sites, it's challenging to visualize where a structure, let's say a wall or a ceiling, is supposed to go when there's just open sky or ground in sight. Moreover, traditional surveying techniques require bulky tools that don't provide accurate results at times. That's where US11821730B2 comes into play.

With this new patent, builders can replace their complex measurement tools with this smart headgear that uses a shiny marker and a special tracking device. This piece of technology functions even when the marker's view is blocked, ensuring accuracy at all times. By using a target marker at the construction site, it keeps itself aware of its position and surroundings - imagine having a Google map specially designed for builders on site!

Envision the world post-US11821730B2 adoption: we will see construction workers donning headgear similar to virtual reality glasses, pointing to seemingly random spots. But what they would be seeing is an augmented reality recognizing where each pillar, window or a door needs to go. It's not just about the ease of construction though. It's about a significant reduction in errors and the efficient time usage that would streamline the entire construction process.

This invention could become a core feature in products like Trimble SiteVision. Imagine standing at a bare construction site and being able to walk through your future home or office with every inch mapped out just the way you want. It sounds like a dream but thanks to Trimble's novel patent, it could be a reality soon.

However, as fascinating as this all sounds, a crucial note is that being a patent, there's no absolute certainty that these magic glasses will hit the market. It's simply an idea Trimble is protecting in case they do decide to develop it further. But if this does come to fruition, it could certainly redefine the way we view and plan our construction sites.

P.S. Require basic details of the patent in layman's terms? We have you covered. The patent, titled "Construction layout using augmented reality", is essentially like a super-smart pair of glasses that aid builders in figuring out measurements at construction sites. It does this through the use of a special shiny marker and an associated tracking device. Plus, it comes with an inbuilt target to help the glasses navigate their surroundings.

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