Patent published on October 19, 2023

Truist's Patent: Wearable Device can Alert Police in Real-Time

In an era where personal security has become paramount, a glimmer of innovation comes from Truist Bank. They have recently presented a patent, numbered US20230333197A1, aiming to address the rising concerns regarding security, particularly for employees in high-risk locations like banks.

The critical problem this patent solves rests on immediate access to help. Imagine if a staff member finds themselves in a dangerous situation, perhaps a bank employee held hostage before they could even enter the workplace. Or perhaps an employee finds themselves under duress but are not near an emergency alarm pad or alarm button. These extreme situations necessitate an instant solution, and that's where Truist's patented invention steps in.

These nail-biting experiences are being addressed by this patent - a remarkable real-time interactive wearable gadget, much like a bracelet or watch. Should you find yourself in a hazardous situation, this device can send out signals for help. However, it's not a trigger-happy alarm. It verifies the threat level with you first. If the danger is confirmed, the device promptly alerts the local authorities about your situation and location.

Imagine a world enriched with this security solution. Personal safety would no longer be the realm of worry it is today for thousands of employees across various sectors. For instance, a bank teller, one often exposed to threats, can wear this device. If they ever find themselves in a threatening situation, every second counts and immediate police response becomes a reality, not a far-fetched hope.

In essence, Truist's patent emerges as an innovative stride towards a safer society, seeking to harness technology for greater security. However, it's important to note these are initial stages and this is a patented invention. There lies no guarantee of this invention reaching market shelves or becoming an everyday product. But there's no denying its significant potential to rewrite security norms.

P.S. The nature of patents is uncertain - not all patented ideas transition into tangible market products. Hence, while this patent has promise, there is no assurance whether it will translate into an accessible product for consumers.

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