Patent published on July 4, 2023

Universal City Studios Introduces Innovative Vehicle Guiding System with Light Projections

Imagine stepping into an amusement park and being welcomed by a series of pathways illuminated with light projections. This might sound like a distant future, but Universal City Studios is working on making it a reality. The company has recently patented a system that could revolutionize the way vehicles are guided in amusement parks. Universal City Studios aims to improve the guest experience in amusement parks with this new system. It consists of light projections that define a path and a sensor that can detect the light projection. The sensor is then connected to a controller that guides a vehicle along the path. This system could be used in various amusement park rides like roller coasters, bumper cars, and other track-based attractions. The patent, US11693420B2, explains that the light projections used by the system are infrared. This type of light is not visible to the human eye and is used to project a path without interrupting other riders. It also has the advantage of being able to be used in both indoor and outdoor rides. The patented system could also be used to provide a unique experience to riders in amusement parks. For example, it could be used to create a light show that follows the vehicle as it moves along the path. This could be used to make a ride even more exciting and entertaining. In addition to providing a unique experience, the system could also be used to optimize the ride. It could be used to adjust the speed of the ride, or simply to provide a safe and smooth journey along the defined path. This could be especially useful in roller coasters, where riders need to be guided along a certain path without any unexpected surprises. The patent also explains that the system can be used in conjunction with other safety features. This could help ensure that the ride is safe and free from any accidents or malfunctions. Universal City Studios aims to make amusement park rides more exciting and enjoyable for riders with this new system. It could revolutionize the way vehicles are guided in amusement parks, providing a unique and safe experience for all riders. Although it is only a patent so far, it is clear that the company is committed to providing a unique and exciting experience for its guests. Universal City Studios’ innovative vehicle guiding system with light projections could revolutionize the way amusement parks are designed and operated. The system could provide a unique experience for riders, as well as optimizing rides for safety and providing a smooth journey. Although it is only a patent for now, it might come to fruition in the near future. It is yet to be seen whether Universal City Studios will bring this technology to the market, but regardless, it is an exciting development that could revolutionize the amusement park industry.

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