Patent published on December 28, 2023

Unstoppable Domains Patent Solves App Login Problem

A recently published patent, titled "CROSS CHAIN ACCESS GRANTING TO APPLICATIONS" under the company name Unstoppable Domains (Patent Number: US20230421399A1), introduces a solution to the persistent problem of managing multiple blockchain wallet addresses across various blockchains. The patent presents a novel system that aims to streamline the login process for distributed applications (dApps) and enhance user experience within Web3 cryptographic spaces.

The core problem arises from the complexity of managing blockchain wallet addresses, which differ significantly from traditional usernames and passwords. Unlike conventional login credentials that are easily typed on a keyboard, blockchain wallet addresses and keys are not designed to be human-readable and require the generation of cryptographic signatures through specialized software. Moreover, these cryptographic software and private keys are not readily portable between devices and may not be compatible across different platforms. Additionally, private keys cannot be changed once a public/private keypair is generated, further complicating the user experience.

In the Web3 cryptographic space, where decentralized blockchains and peer-to-peer networks are prevalent, the patent recognizes the difficulties imposed by existing login processes. Different dApps associated with diverse blockchains typically employ distinct login procedures and signature generation methods, presenting a cumbersome user experience. In this context, centralized password managers prove inadequate since a static string of characters is insufficient to verify ownership of a resource across blockchains. A message must be generated and signed by a user's private key.

To address these challenges, Unstoppable Domains' patent proposes a solution that leverages non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as unique login credentials. The system allows users to utilize a single NFT as a secure gateway to access multiple applications associated with different blockchains. By verifying the metadata provided by the NFT, the system can rapidly authenticate login requests, optimizing response times and conserving computing resources. Additionally, the verification process can employ two private keys from different blockchains, further enhancing security.

The advantages of this innovative patent are manifold. Rapid response times are facilitated by the utilization of metadata-based verification, which circumvents time-consuming wallet or other verifications specific to different blockchains. Moreover, the system provides enhanced security by relying on the use of two private keys from different blockchains to verify the user. Furthermore, the adoption of a single NFT as a login credential streamlines the access grant process, resulting in an enhanced user experience. This innovative solution obviates the need for repeated processing and memory resources by relying on previously verified blockchain (or wallet) addresses, ensuring swift response times.

Once this problem is solved, the world will witness a new era of seamless dApp login experiences. Users will no longer grapple with the intricacies of managing multiple blockchain wallet addresses. Instead, they will enjoy the convenience of accessing a variety of applications across different blockchains through a unified login system. This advancement in technology not only improves efficiency but also enhances security and user satisfaction in the Web3 cryptographic space.

Real-life examples of how people will utilize this patent include a scenario where a user can effortlessly access various dApps associated with different blockchains using a single NFT as their login credential. This eliminates the need to navigate multiple login processes or employ separate wallet software for each blockchain. The unified login system will greatly simplify the user experience and provide a streamlined gateway to the vast array of services and functionality offered by blockchain applications.

It is important to note that this recent patent from Unstoppable Domains presents an intriguing solution to the complex issue of dApp login management. However, as with any patent, there is no assurance that this technology will ultimately appear in the market. Nevertheless, the potential for a unified login system utilizing NFTs holds significant promise for the future of blockchain login processes, unlocking enhanced simplicity, security, and user convenience.

P.S. This article features a recently published patent, and it is important to note that the existence of a patent does not guarantee its eventual availability in the market. End-users should stay tuned for updates from Unstoppable Domains regarding the potential implementation of this inventive solution.

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