Patent published on August 22, 2023

New Patent Could Make Tracking Tools as Easy as Checking Your Phone

The future of equipment tracking may be on the brink of a major shift with the recent patent acquisition by VGP IPCO. With patent number US11734773B2, VGP IPCO could transform how we monitor and manage our industrial arsenal.

Today, the considerable challenge is the ability to track equipment usage efficiently. Many businesses struggle with logging where a tool or gadget is, how long it has been there, and the distance it has covered. This issue of equipment tracking isn't just a corporate quagmire but comes with a myriad of other problems. Primarily, the inability to monitor equipment usage accurately often leads to mismanagement of resources, loss, or theft of expensive gadgets.

The patented system attempts to resolve these issues by introducing what can be likened to a GPS tracker for tools and equipment. Like a personal tour guide for every piece of equipment, it plans to keep tabs on the location, duration at the place, and the journey it has covered.

The solution shines light on the potential to transmit this information to multiple platforms - from personal devices such as phones to government-run systems. Remember the last time you misplaced your phone and used a tracker app to find it? Now imagine doing the same with industrial devices or construction tools. Simplicity couples with advancement just hit a new level!

About the world post-solution - think about construction companies being able to monitor their cranes, drills, and bulldozers in real-time. Imagine government agencies efficiently tracking the movement and usage of public service vehicles. Asset management could become less of a hassle for companies with large fleets of vehicles or pricey equipment.

However, it is necessary to add that the existence of a patent does not necessarily mean the technology will hit the market soon. Patent US11734773B2 may be able to revolutionize equipment tracking, but we still have to wait to see if this innovative system will become an everyday solution. In the meantime, we watch and hope this could be the end of the age-old problem of efficient asset management.

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