Patent published on October 26, 2023

New Patent Could Simplify Brain Monitoring with Falcon/PRO Headband

Every day, doctors face complex problems that need precise solutions. One significant hurdle they encounter is looking inside a human head without resorting to surgery. This is where a new patented invention can prove game-changing.

Patent number US20230341548A1, titled "Transcranial Doppler Device and System, And Method Of Use Thereof," developed by the company Viasonix, offers a promising solution. Typically, to understand blood flow in our brain, doctors must locate certain thin areas of the skull, also known as acoustic windows, where ultrasound waves can penetrate. The challenge lies in the fact that these acoustic windows differ from person to person, making the task more daunting.

The new patent offers a user-friendly approach to this complex issue. It details a unique headband equipped with tiny devices. This headband, designed like a piece of wearable tech, can be comfortably placed on the skull. It sends minute ultrasonic waves into the skull, picks up the echoing sounds, and effectively measures the cerebral blood flow velocity—a crucial parameter in diagnosing neurological disorders. Through this method, the patent can deal with the challenging deviation of acoustic window locations in different individuals.

Once this technology gets successfully deployed, the future of neurological diagnosis might change for the better. Consider this scenario: Your grandmother, who has been experiencing severe migraines, could just wear this headband for some time. The headband would transmit important data about her cerebral blood flow to doctors, potentially catching a potential issue early on.

It could help not just in hospitals but also in remote locations where advanced diagnostic facilities may not be accessible. A rural health center could equip patients with these headbands and forward the data to specialists located elsewhere, enhancing the reach of quality healthcare.

One can see the ease of use depicted in the published figures illustrating the patent, i.e., a simple strap system with an accommodating space for the robotic device.

However, it's essential to remember that while the patent today exists only on paper, hopefully, it will find its way to our lives soon. Just remember that patents don't always translate into market products, and this revolutionary headband is no different.

The world of science and medicine are watching with bated breath to see what impact this patent could have on our lives. We will keep you updated on any developments.

P.S. Bear in mind that although this exciting invention holds great potential, it must still undertake rigorous trials and testing before becoming a widespread solution. As it stands, this invention is a patent, and there is no assurance whether it will appear on the commercial market or not.

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