Patent published on July 27, 2023

Next-Level Power Authorization System Unveiled by Vidergy Networks

The technology industry has always been on the lookout for revolutionary products that make everyday tasks easier and more efficient. Vidergy Networks, a leader in the tech world, has recently unveiled a patent that could be the next big breakthrough in power authorization.

The patent, US20230236646A1, describes a device, method, and system that allow an authorization circuit to cooperate with an access circuit. This access circuit, such as a smart power plug, would be powered by the authorization circuit after a user consumes certain multimedia information. The power provided would only be for a short time and is measured.

The technology behind this patent is based on a distributed power architecture. This architecture involves power lines that can transport electricity from one place to another, even over long distances. Along the way, these power lines may pass over populated areas, providing an opportunity to “tap” the power lines and divert the electricity for consumption. This can be done for streetlights, street signs, traffic lights, businesses, homes, and more. The power meter, owned or controlled by the provider of the power, measures the power that is consumed at the point of tapping.

The major advantage of this patent is that it will help create a more efficient power system. With this new system, power will be distributed more accurately and quickly, allowing for the quicker authorization of power. In addition, the power lines will be able to be monitored more closely, improving safety and reliability.

The technology could also provide many practical applications. For example, it could be used to create smart power plugs that are powered only after a user consumes certain multimedia information. This could be used to manage energy consumption in the home, allowing for better control over energy use and reducing energy costs. It could also be used in the workplace to power equipment only when it’s needed, or to power certain appliances during peak times. This could help reduce energy costs and improve efficiency.

The potential of this new technology is exciting. However, it remains to be seen whether Vidergy Networks’ patent will actually come to fruition. There is no guarantee that the patent will be approved, or that the technology will actually be implemented. This means that for now, the potential applications of this technology remain theoretical.

Nevertheless, this patent demonstrates Vidergy Networks’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and creating innovative solutions. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for this technology, and what applications it might have. The patent, US20230236646A1, certainly has the potential to revolutionize the way power is authorized and distributed. Though it might not come to fruition, it is still an exciting development that shows how Vidergy Networks is pushing the envelope in the tech world.

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