Patent published on August 17, 2023

Vijay Madisetti's New Invention: BENASMI - Making Online Services Safer and More Reliable

Vijay Madisetti is the one to watch in the world of online service safety and reliability, as revealed by his latest invention which is defined under patent number US20230261878A1. Madisetti, who is being increasingly recognized for this innovation, is gearing towards introducing his product, BENASMI, to the market. BENASMI, or Blockchain-Enabled Network & Application Service Mesh with Identity, is a system created to bolster the security and efficiency of blockchain transactions.

Simplifying the tech jargon, blockchain is a system where digital information (blocks) are stored in public databases (chains). Madisetti's invention seeks to improve the method by which these blocks are linked together. In the current system, manual checks cannot ensure every transaction's accuracy, especially when there are numerous dealings happening simultaneously.

But, BENASMI promises to solve these issues. Upon application of this technology, every transaction, regardless of its complexity or quantity, will undergo foolproof verification. “Linked” smart contracts will replace manual processing and enhance scalability, making the system more efficient and reliable.

Furthermore, BENASMI exhibits remarkable potential benefits in the realm of 5G connectivity. When using Madisetti’s invention, technologies that deal with network orchestration and managing resources can have resource allocations automated. Such automation is largely supported by most cloud-computing environments, improving overall system efficiency.

Yet, it’s important to underline some of the challenges BENASMI aims to address. Current online lending platforms face difficulties when there are many investors offering different amounts, rates, and time periods. Additionally, as mentioned before, security is a major concern, especially in a system where trust is fundamental.

Madisetti’s patent offers a promising solution that mitigates these concerns effectively. It appears, judging from the figures given, the invention checks and balances all these factors, harmoniously integrating them into a secure and efficient system.

However, like all patents, it is yet to be seen whether BENASMI’s entry to the market will be confirmed. The patent only signifies potential rights to the invention - there are no guarantees. Therefore, while it promises a safer and more reliable online service experience, only time will reveal if it turns from patent to practice.

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