Patent published on August 10, 2023

Making Digital Money Transactions Easier with VIOLETTE's New System


In the world of digital coin transactions, ensuring a safe and secure passage of assets from one individual to another often proves challenging. The solutions in place currently have their limitations, but they may soon be a thing of the past courtesy of a new platform from a company named VIOLETTE.

The company has recently registered a patent, numbered US20230252465A1, which aims to revolutionize digital transactions. The technology set forth in this patent is designed specifically for secure transactions on a shared digital notebook, known as a distributed ledger in tech circles.

Many of us often stumble upon the complexity of sharing digital assets directed toward addresses, which are typically lengthy strings of characters. In addition to the error-prone process of inputting these addresses, there currently aren't any straightforward ways to transfer crypto assets to any receiver.

Enter VIOLETTE's innovation. With its technology, you don't need to know the receiver's address or ensure they have one that's compatible with the transferred digital assets. There's also no direct handling of secret codes by the users, which makes the process easier and more reliable.

This new system also addresses issues like potential losses in cases where a central authority managing all wallets fails. It deceases reliance on central authorities and allows digital assets to reach users not yet linked with the related shared digital notebook.

If you want to send bitcoin or any other digital asset, for example, you can now do so without knowing the receiver's address on the shared digital ledger. You just send a link, perhaps through an email, text, or social media message. The recipient then clicks the link, making the transaction secure and free from manual errors.

VIOLETTE's innovative approach enables a wide range of possibilities, like promotional distribution of digital assets to a host of recipients, making it a much-needed solution for individuals and businesses alike.

However, like all patents, there's no guarantee when or even if this technology would be marketed. The road from a patent to a commercial product can often take years and occasionally, it might not even materialize. Until then, the patent is a positive hint toward a future where digital transactions are far simpler and more accessible for users of all backgrounds.

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