Patent published on August 24, 2023

Voyetra Patents Glasses-Friendly Headphones That Adjust Sound

Many among us have felt a pinch, both literally and metaphorically, when we have tried to listen to music on our headphones while wearing glasses. The discomfort caused by the pressure of the headphones on the glass temples is a problem faced by many. Voyetra Turtle Beach, in usual style, is offering a unique solution to this issue. Its, recently published patent number US20230269517A1 addresses this common challenge.

The issue arises when people have to alternate between wearing glasses and putting on a headphone, and the frame of the eyewear comes in the way of a comfortable fit. Hence, both the quality of the sound and the comfort of the wearer are affected. It's not just about the physical discomfort though. The sound quality suffers significantly when headphones are not properly positioned on the ears - a frequent issue for glasses-wearers.

In order to combat this problem, Voyetra has devised a snug earmuff-like headphone that molds itself according to the user's ear shape and the glasses. The patent describes a headphone system that has a 'dip' or a 'depression' in the ear cup, which accommodates the eyewear.

This invention doesn't stop at just adjusting the fit according to the eyewear. To restore any lost audio quality that might occur due to the altered shape, the headphones are integrated with a smart system that can gauge how the headphone is positioned on the user's ear and adjust the audio output accordingly. For example, the system perceives a different sound profile if the headphone is lying flat as opposed to when it is shaped around the glasses.

Looking into a bright future where this invention would be common, people with glasses can finally enjoy their music and other audio outputs headache-free. The 'constant readjusting headphone' may be something of a past. With the Voyetra glass-friendly headphones, you can easily go about your errands, commute, or simply recline on your couch with a book – without compromising your glasses or your audio experience.

This particularly revolutionary for those, who, for instance, need glasses for reading or working long hours on computers, as they can now enjoy an uninterrupted audio experience without being constantly bothered by the uncomfortable headphone frames.

However, as exciting as this new patented technology might seem, it's important for readers to note as a postscript that it is only a patent right now. There is no certainty of when or if this product will actually hit the market. Even if it does, the final design and functionality could vary greatly from the current blueprint. Nonetheless, the patent showcases the ingenuity of Voyetra and will surely beckon a wave of likeminded product design in the audio-techs industry. This could be the very beginning of an era of more accessible and comfortable tech design.

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