Patent published on July 25, 2023

New Patent from Voyetra Turtle Beach Enables Seamless Game Control with Audio Commands

Voyetra Turtle Beach, a leading manufacturer of gaming headsets, has recently been granted a patent that might revolutionize the way gamers play their favorite games. The patent, numbered US11707688B2, describes a set of technologies that enable seamless control of a game console with audio commands.

The invention, as described in the patent application, is a multi-device gaming interface. It consists of a user interface device such as a headset that can receive sound from a game console. The headset is equipped with an audio processor that can detect special audio commands and send simulated user inputs to the game console. In other words, it allows gamers to control their game console with audio commands.

The headset also has an accompanying user interface that allows gamers to pick specific commands from a menu. This menu can be activated by the press of a button and gamers can easily pick the command they want to execute with the help of this user interface.

The patent application also mentions that this technology can be used to support voice recognition. This means that users can control their game console using their voice. This could be especially useful for disabled gamers who have difficulty using a controller.

The patent application also mentions the use of a microphone in the headset. This microphone can be used to detect sound from the game console and then pick the corresponding command from the user interface. This would allow gamers to pick commands without having to press any buttons.

This technology is a major leap forward in the world of gaming. It would allow gamers to control their game console with ease and convenience. It could also open up new possibilities in how gamers interact with their games. For example, gamers could use their voice to control their character in role-playing games or to give commands in real-time strategy games.

While this patent is exciting news for gamers, it is important to note that there is no guarantee that this technology will ever come to the market. Even if it does, it is likely to take some time before it can be widely available. Nonetheless, Voyetra Turtle Beach's patent application shows that the company is committed to making gaming more enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

In conclusion, the recently granted patent from Voyetra Turtle Beach could revolutionize the way gamers control their game consoles. If implemented, this technology could make gaming more enjoyable and convenient for gamers of all ages and abilities. Although it is uncertain whether or not this patent will ever come to fruition, it is exciting to see a company like Voyetra Turtle Beach investing in the future of gaming.

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